In today’s world casino is one of the most popular gambling games. But in earlier days, there were slots and pokies which attracted thousands of people to play. Slots and pokies were introduced in the 20th century.

Slot machine was first ever seen in the year 1891. This machine consisted of five drums, each presenting poker hand symbols. This machine was formed by Pittman and Sachs. When the participants win these games, the machine does not generate something instead the bar men provide them with drinks. There was another version of slot machine created by Charles Fey which are now known to many. When the machine discovers the matching symbols it offers its players with cash payouts.


This game gained so much of popularity that it is still remembered by many people.Soon the slots became famous in casinos and the ban which was imposed on these games lasted for few years only. The slot machines gain popularity again around the world during the 1950s. Aristocrat, an Australian gaming company in 1953 got acquainted with the new trend and decided to create its own gaming appliance called pokies.

Seeing online slots in Las Vegas would need quite some time, while casinos here have begun to create electronic slot, machines, and removing all those mechanical and typical slots games. The electronic slots are safer than the mechanical ones and it has been made tricky for the players so that there are no possibilities of cheating the casinos.

For the last ten years, slots have become famous games at online casinos. During 2001, the first online slots games was shown live. Microgaming Company has created some of the initial online slot machines and made it accessible to public. This online slot games feature numerous amusing and imaginative idea for its players worldwide.