Liquidation is ending a company by distributing all the assets and properties of the company, when they can’t repay its debts or if you feel that you can’t run the company any longer. Liquidating your company is closing your company formally and all the debts will write off. Liquidation offers you a fresh start to your new company without doubts and avoiding all the mistakes which you have done in your previous company.


First you have to confirm yourself, whether the liquidation is an appropriate decision. We would have worked a lot for the development of the company and when you are looking at closing, you should think well whether it is a right choice. There are many situations where liquidation will be the best choice and they can’t go up much further. When you don’t have any ways to repay your creditors and if you like to start a new company without any debts as part of your recovering procedure then you can go up with the liquidation process

Choosing the right liquidator

The liquidation can work well with a good liquidator and so you have to choose a right one. If you have an easier relationship with him will make things easier to you. Before choosing a liquidator you have to be making sure about the categories of insolvencies they are handling every day, check whether they are giving proper advices to liquidate as improper advices can end up with problems. We can evaluate them by the way they are handling with the problems while liquidating a company, a good liquidator can reduce the problems. If we are not comfortable in communicating with them, you can’t get proper advices from them. So being comfortable to speak is the important key point to bear in your mind while choosing a liquidator.