Beauty fades away over time is an age old proverb as with the magical spell you can retain your beauty and it will also last long if followed properly. There is a particular regime which differs from one spell to the other. Mirror becomes your best friend when you undergo the spell of beauty.


Most of the young generation does not believe in the concept of ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ rather to retain your attractiveness you have to perform some activities which are beneficial for you. If you perform black magic for beauty spells then the prime substance is a mirror which you will require on a full moon day. You have to keep in mind that the reflection of mirror is cast on your mirror and whatever transformation you have to make you can do so by taking a picture of it and casting it alongside on the mirror. Concentration and determination are the two vital elements that you have to focus on.

Usually the magic spell is chanted thrice and at the end you can burn up a candle. Flames and candles have a large part to play in the process of spell. It is a pleasure to treat yourself under the influence of the spell which you cast on yourself. All the necessary items which are required in the magic is readily available and if you are looking out for something elaborate then you can browse through the magic shops which contains those items or can browse through the online stores. There is no dearth of shops which you cannot find in and around your area. Entire set of kit is also available for beauty spell that you can purchase and start with the process quickly under the moonlit night when the spirits are mostly active.