At present, many people are looking for the best mood enhancer drug to enhance the memory power, increase the ability of brain and the cognitive properties. One of the best choices of medications is NZT drug, but it is not an actual in which the name comes from the movie called Limitless. The nzt from limitless is also being considered as the mood enhancer drug which is nearest to the drug called modafinil. The modafinil is one of the most popular brain enhancement drugs which can be mostly used by many athletes. This drug is available with the various doses, but it is better to start with the initial dose of 200 mg. Once you have consumed this drug, you can get an immense focus on each time.


When you are using NZT drug, you have to maintain a normal and balanced diet with proper diet meals three times per day. While taking this drug, you should avoid taking the drinking alcoholic beverages. When you take NZT along with heavy alcohol consumption will turn out the severe adverse effects that lead to memory loss, liver damage and result in blackouts. This drug is available in a tightly packed container and you have to keep away from the children. However, the nzt from limitless is not advised to take for a long time rather you should stop consuming this drug once you have found the effective results. The NZT drug is widely available online so you can easily buy at cost effective rates.