The snow geese are very larger but the female is slight smaller than the male goose, the female geese built their nest in the hilltops and it laid minimum 4 eggs. The snow geese are separated into three species: blue, lesser or greater snow goose which has same creature. When the snow geese are developed then they are able to maintain their own body temperature at the normal and they grow very quickly. The snow geese eggs are creamy white and people can easily identify the eggs by looking into the color of the egg shells.


The snow goose are mostly noisy and while feeding they communicate each other using the guttural notes and during nesting, they often fly in the loose formation with short necked and it often seen in the huge flocks and some snow goose can be identified by bright white color along with black wing-tips. You can check the snow goose in the lakes or ponds where the snow goose is bathing in the shorelines or opened water. Some snow geese family search together on the winter ground from muddy areas, when fly it will be steadier even when the wings are got strength less. Snow goose will travel only with the partner goose; the snow goose mate for life and nests and young snow leaves the nest soon after hatch but it stay with parents until the season become s spring until that it is protected by the parent snow goose.