People need to live their life happily with their friends and family members. However, some people are always rough & tough due to various reasons. Most of the people are not able to find time to spend with their friends because of their work schedule. Such things may make their life difficult and boring so the users are advised to follow some quirky life hacks, which are given below. Following these tips would be very helpful to them and then can reduce some time spending on unworthy things. A small failure at the beginning of the day may change the mood for entire day but these tricks help the users to avoid such uneasiness.


A broken tennis ball can be used a key stand or letter holder or a pen stand instead of throwing the ball to bin. It is easy to remove the broken clips from the hangers and can be used as a closer pin for the opened beverage packs. It is easy to drill a hole but while inserting the screw a clothespin can be used to hold it. To get soft and chewy bread for breakfast then place two breads in a single toaster slot. It is easy to turn the CD spindle as a bagel tote but wash it before use. The users can turn their old shoes as a cup holder, if they do not have one. To grow a small plant in home, the users can make a seed starter pots using the toilet papers.