Most of the people like to make use of smartphone as it comprises with a lot of benefits and features. In that, iphone 4 occupies a unique and ideal place among all people. Every person will face hassles at the time of unlocking your mobile phone. People who look for how to unlock iphone 4 for free can find different kinds of ways in the online. Hardware unlocking method is a risky one compared to software open method. Before choosing any method, you have to examine its safe and protected features in an effective way. Unlock your iphone 4 without the usage of additional resources. Everyone iphone has its unique IMEI code in the Apple store. With the use of it, you can enter into the database for altering lock to unlock activity. Even you can make use of the following steps to unlock your iphone. For more details visit


  • First, you have to switch off your iphone and then replace your existing SIM with a new SIM.
  • Users who do not have any SIM can obtain the help of carrier to reset your iphone. If you save any important files in your device, you have to take a back up of it before starting this process.
  • Now, you want to connect the iphone 4 with your computer by means of USB cable. You have to erase all data that present in your mobile.
  • You need to complete the setup process and then can restore your iphone 4 from the backup you have generated formerly.
  • Insert your new SIM in your iphone 4 and now your iphone is opened effectively.