It is normal that the new-born babies spend their most of the time in sleeping or lying in the same position. As the reason of this fact, you may notice that the flat spot evolving on the head of the baby after a few months he or she was born. This is called the flat head syndrome problem. It is only developed in young new born babies and it is caused by frequent laying and sleeping in the same position.

In fact, older children and the adults can adjust their position while sleeping, but the new-born baby cannot do it for themselves. So, it makes the head of the baby as they are lying on the bed. However, this flat head syndrome also has some remedy and so you can use them to change the shape of your baby’s head.


As this manner, the หมอนเด็ก is the best remedy for this problem and so you can use it to get rid of these flat head problems. This is because, these kinds of pillows can provide the help to shape the skull of the baby and relieve the pressure on the head and neck.

In fact, these pillows are highly adorable and comfortable for babies. As well as, it is made up of the soft fabric. It can be used for multiple purposes like the neck support for your baby and so you can use it the car seat. Also, it can be easily washable by hands.