Hello all, thanks for coming back, this post is going to take a left turn and talk about something totally different. I’m still going to be talking about roblox, but I’m going to talk about the latest Roblox update and message they’ve sent out to everybody over the last weekend. Roblox has threatened all of us and said that whoever gets caught using a roblox hack will be met with harsh penalties and if caught a second time, you’re facing account deletion. I laugh at this because we only using roblox hacks for one reason and one reason only. Robux are so damn expensive, if they gave us a way to get free robux we wouldn’t need to use any roblox hacks or robux generators. If you don’t have access to a roblox hack but would like to, I’ll provide you guys with a link or two at a later time. Or you can check the comment below as many players will be providing links to their personal roblox cheats.


I don’t like that Roblox has tried to scare us by sending out this email. These guys are barking up the wrong tree in my opinion. They’re mad at us because we don’t want to pay their high prices for their shitty robux currency. Instead, how about these guys provide us with additional ways to earn robux or maybe make their currency a bit cheaper for the players who aren’t looking to lost out on fifty bucks to get currency for a game that is mobile and cant help us with real life. Plus, the majority of roblox players are younger kids, how in the world are they expected to buy robux? Cant even get their own credit card for petes sake. These guys are wrong and they wont stop us from getting free robux with hacks either.