There are 3 basic body types and knowing yours is essential to customizing a workout routine. Although your body can be a mixture of all three, you can generally determine the one category that best fits your body description. The three body types are mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph and are considerably different from one another. The workout routines associated with them are equally different. Let’s determine your body type and what the best workout routine is for you.



A mesomorph body type can be described as muscular and athletic. With well-defined muscles and a toned core and limbs, they are usually the envy of the gym. A proper workout routine for this body type should consist of heavy weight lifting including super sets, compound and giant sets and cardiovascular exercises done 2-3 times per week. Be sure to allow plenty of time for recovery because this type of workout routine can lead to overtraining quickly.


Endomorphs are curvy and predisposed to excess body fat settling in the lower regions of their bodies, most notably their hips, thighs and buttocks. But with the proper workout routine and diet, endomorphs have the bone structure to carry a powerful and toned build. Enhancing their metabolism through circuit training, super sets and compound sets should be the main focus of their workout routine. Keep repetitions low at around 15 per set and the weights light to ensure full and proper completion of each set. Make sure to rest for only 30 – 60 seconds between sets to keep your heart rate up, and make each workout routine last for 30 – 40 minutes.


Slim, skinny and lanky are a few ways to describe an ectomorph’s body, although many have characteristics of one or both of the other body types. Individuals with this body type will find it hard to gain muscle mass. While women will probably find this body type appealing, one example is a fashion model, men will be lest pleased. Focus on heavy weights with your workout routine since most ectomorphs have high metabolisms, cardiovascular exercises are less important. Be sure to include barbell and dumbbell exercises in your workout routine because they offer a full range of motion and best simulate natural movements.

If you know your body type you can more precisely personalize your workout routine for your fitness. All it takes is a little motivation and research and you can determine your body type and find the perfect workout routine for you.